Moving Day: Five Pizza Alternatives For Your Movers

By this stage, you’ve probably gone through a “moving day” a couple of times in your life.

You know the routine: arise bright and early, buried in boxes, and answer the door for your movers. Begin loading box after box into the back of a van, before taking off for the busy streets of your new neighborhood or city.

Only, by this stage, it’s already lunchtime, and you’ve been debating buying a couple of pepperoni pizzas for the guys since 11:30 AM already.

Put down the phone, though, and step away from the Domino’s menu. We’ve got five great alternatives to a standard pizza that are sure to impress your movers and motivate them on to the final portion of your move.

Ready to get started? Good – so are we!

moving day
moving day pizza

As it turns out, there are none!

That’s right. We suckered you in with the old “Write an article about something that doesn’t exist, hinting that it might exist, before proclaiming its non-existence” trick.

A classic.

The truth is, there is nothing on this green earth people like more than their own slice of gooey, cheesy pizza in return for physical labor. Not a single thing. Heck, your movers would probably pass up on actual payment before losing out on pizza (though…don’t test that theory).

So, instead, we’ll be listing five great reasons why you should be getting pizza for everybody (including yourself, you silly goose).

It’s Delicious

If you don’t think so, there’s a strong chance you’re wrong.

As human beings, our love for salty things that are high in fat is a matter of biology. We’re programmed to love food with high salt content, lots of grease, crispy breads and chewy toppings.

The point is, it’s delicious. This is a universal truth, and your movers will love you for it.

It’s Not Boring

Of course, the moving day elephant in the room is that pizza is woefully unhealthy. And yes, it’s very smart to say things like “Well, #notallpizzas – I make mine out of ground up cauliflower and bugs”, but we’re not talking about that.

We’re talking about the only pizza that matters. Pepperoni and cheese.

And pepperoni and cheese is super unhealthy.

But it’s also not boring. It’s not a wholewheat sandwich with pesto and something else that’s green, by way of “excitement”. It’s not a quinoa salad or a yeehaw crawfish or some sort of kale smoothie extract mouse à la mode.

It’s pizza. It’s exciting. And it’s time for lunch.

No Tools Required

This is a simple point, but one in the box for practicality.

On a day when you’ll be moving dozens of boxes, plates, tables and other items, there’s no time to set six guys up at a table with knives and forks.

Pizza to the rescue.

Precut pizza doesn’t require knives, forks, or even plates to eat. If your workers have hands, they can eat pizza.

And if they don’t have hands, well, maybe they’re not cut out for the moving industry.

Even Cheap Pizza Is Good

You’ve just spent a bunch of money booking a moving service, paying your first, last and deposit at your new place, and taking the day off of work. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on lunch for a bunch of people you’ll never see again.

First of all, shame on you. The guys were all starting to really like you. Tony was going to ask if you wanted to come out and watch the game this Saturday.

Second, don’t worry. Pizza costs very little, per pie, and the results are almost always good. It’ll also give you an opportunity to explore your new neighborhood, scouting for that perfect pizza.

No Clean Up

Each pie is cut into slices, put into a box, and ready to eat. This means there’s nothing to clean up or worry about being left behind at your old place after you’ve left.

No mess. No fuss.

You’re actually doing yourself and your beleaguered movers all a favor by taking the cleanup out of their lunch.

Pizza: For A Better Moving Day

Ultimately, there are no better moving day foods than pizza.

Don’t even bother trying to find one. Instead, go out on the morning of the big day, load up on some cheesy pepperoni goodness (or something vegetarian, if needs be), and get ready for the love of your movers.

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