Things To Consider When Moving Out Of State

Many of us love the town we grew up in. It’s a town that is full of memories but at the same time, it is only one town of over 19,000 that is in America. You want to get out and experience more of the world, see new sites, meet new people, see if pizza really is better in New York, and many other opportunities. (Spoiler alert: New York Pizza is amazing). That, or maybe you accepted a new job in a different state, or want to go to a certain college that is in another state. Regardless of the reason why you are moving, there will be things you need to consider before you make that final decision. If you are looking at multiple possible locations, make sure to compare all of them using these items.

Cost of Living: Surprisingly for being one country, the cost of living can vary drastically all around America. Some places have a rather low cost of living while more popular tourist areas can have a rather high cost. Use a cost of living calculator like this one at NerdWallet and compare the cost of living to where you are living now. You might get lucky and find the cost of living is lower or might find that it is drastically different. For example, according to NerdWallet the cost of living in Brooklyn is 85% higher than living in Orlando.   

Opportunities: You are going to need a job when you get to the new home. Unless you won the lottery, you will have bills to pay including a new rent or mortgage. Check the local area for job opportunities that match your career path. The same goes for education. If you have children or are in school yourself, make sure the education around you fits your expectations. For a list of how states rank in education, click here.  

Culture: We feel most comfortable around people we feel we can speak freely around. Look into the local culture of a location that pertain to things you feel strongly about. For example, if you are a devout Christian, see if a town has a strong church presence. If you are a proud Democrat, see if the town you are looking at is Red or Blue. Look at the local events and see if you find plenty that fit what you enjoy doing and seeing.

The Housing Market: Before you can move to a place, make sure there is a place you want to move into. Not every town will have homes that match both what you are looking for and your budget. Some towns, on the other hand, might have homes to spare that fit your needs and budget perfectly. Use websites like Zillow and Trulia to see homes available in an area.

Once you have gone over the data, compared notes, and decided on a place to live, contact Gold Standard Relocation to get started on the move. We can give you estimates of moving expenses and set up everything you need for the big moving day. Click Here to get your free quote.