What To Pack In Your “First Night” Box

Every move is different, but the one thing they all share in common is a certain element of chaos.

There’s chaos when you’re trying to decide which box the decade-old toaster you just found should go in.

There’s even more chaos during the drive.

And things get really crazy when you get to the other side to find the box you packed the toaster in now has six plates, a pillow, and no toaster whatsoever anymore.

Join us today as we outline five must-have items to pack into a box you set aside for your first night. When you get there and have them on hand and ready to go, you’ll be thanking us.

first night box


Your first night in your new home or apartment should be as comfortable as possible. You’ve just spent a whole day lugging boxes around, gassing up and driving across town (or cross country), and handling payments. You deserve a night off.

Only, when you arrive at your new home or office, your phone’s dead. And you can’t find your charger, because it’s stuck at the bottom of a box in your garage.

Avoid this problem, by including your cell phone, laptop, camera or tablet chargers in one clearly-labeled box, and pack it last.


Of course, when you get to your big day, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. Money to pay the movers a decent tip. Cash to pay for pizza. A few bucks here and there for tolls, replacement remote control batters, and other unforeseen expenses.

Only you’re exhausted after a long day of moving, and you have no idea where the nearest ATM is. And the pizza guy just pulled into your driveway!

A crisp $20 bill, withdrawn ahead of time and kept in a billfold in your overnight box will help to safeguard against unexpected expenses.


If you’re not in the mood for ordering out on your first night in your new place, a secret stash of fruit bars, sandwiches, and candy can see you through.

Provided you can remember where you packed them.

Never underestimate the power of a hungry stomach, either. Work up enough of an appetite during your moving day, and you might end up in line at a gas station Pizza Hut at 2 AM, making decisions you’re not proud of.

Bring snacks. Pack them in your first night box. You’ll be happy you did.


This may sound hokey, and to some of you it may be, but a good soundtrack can rejuvenate even the most exhausted heart.

Bring your charger, bring your phone or MP3 player and speakers, and make sure you’ve got a good old-fashioned soundtrack ready. If you have CDs or a portable CD player, consider making space for these in your first night box. When you can’t get your smart TV connected to the Internet, or your lightbulbs all need replacing, you’ll be happy for some music to kill time to.

A Change Of Clothes

Of course, a big part of maintaining a normal day-to-day lifestyle is having a wardrobe you can rely on. We have favorite shirts, all-purpose sneakers, and comfy pajamas for a reason, after all.

Pack a change of clothes into your first night box. Maybe consider packing two, and a choice of shoes. This might seem unimportant now, but you’ll be grateful for something decent to wear when you have to run out to get milk on day two.

The Power Of The First Night Box

The secret of the first night box is that it’s designed with your comfort in mind. The best way to decide what to pack is to imagine yourself sitting alone in your new place on your first night there and reaching for something.

What are you reaching for?

And did you remember to pack it?

For more great moving tips, check out some of our other blogs, or get in touch with us for a moving quote, today!

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