Five Amazing Moving Day Tips
Gold Standard Relocation's professional moving day tips will get you the efficiency you need.

Five Amazing Moving Day Tips

Have you got an upcoming move you’re dreading? Not sure how you’re going to handle all the packing, coordinating, moving and labeling that comes with any big home or office move?

We get it – it’s a long process, and there’s always more to do than you think there’ll be. It’s with this in mind, then, that we bring you our list of five great moving day tips for getting the absolute best out of your big moving day.


The first mistake most people when moving house or office is in underestimating what it takes to actually move that house or office. They leave the packing, coordinating, managing and numerous phone calls for the last minute. They wake up on the big morning and realize there’s more left undone than they have any hope of pulling together.

So, what’s to be done? Well, the first step you’ll want to make is to create a timeline. Start a few months out from your big move with a brief outline of what you’ll need to have done and by what time.

How far in advance do you need to book a mover? How long will it really take you to find cardboard boxes? With a full timeline in place, you’ll be able to manage these disparate elements and have everything in place, well ahead of time.


This is a simple tip, but one that many people overlook. Make the investment and pick up a ream of oversized white sticky labels you can slap on your boxes. Apply these liberally and write the rooms each box is intended for on each one in a big, black marker and large hand.

This might not sound like that big of a deal but on the day of your move the quickest way to cut down on wasted time is for everyone to know where each box goes. If you can handle this without having to open each box, you can unpack, shift boxes, move furniture and have everything in its right place more efficiently.

An Inventory System!

Moving is a complicated process. There are a lot of elements at play, and the people involved are each making hundreds of little decisions on where and when to place things. With all that at play, you could be forgiven for losing track of some of your more important items. And when you realize they’ve gone missing, panic is likely to set in quite quickly.

Use an inventory system of some sort to keep track of those valuables, so you can take a proper tally when you get to the other side. Without one, you’re really just left guessing at what isn’t there and, as we all know, it’s exceedingly difficult to notice the absence of something.


In life, as in moving, getting rid of what isn’t important is more than just a good idea. It’s liberating! Before you pack your boxes, go through your belongings and ask yourself one specific question. “Have I used this within the last year?”

If you have a sweater you haven’t worn in the space of a year, with all the seasons and changing weather that brings, the chances are it’s less important than you think it is. And we understand that these things often seem very important, but the important thing here is practicality. If a pair of boots isn’t practical anymore, you can save yourself a bundle of time, money and energy by not moving these things.

Donate old pots you haven’t used in decades, or electric blankets you’re not sure work anymore, and you’ll have a much easier moving day.

Moving Day Tips: Hire A Professional!

Our last point today will also take us neatly into our conclusion for today. If our tips today seem like just a bit more effort than they’re really worth, you may want to simply hand the process over to a pro.

Get in touch with a professional mover and hire them to source boxes, get up early on a Saturday and pack your belongings. Have them pick up your belongings and create an inventory and label boxes they’ll move into specific rooms. With the right company in your corner, you can pretty much forget your role in your next move entirely. Get in touch with someone with good online reviews, explain your expectations to them, and leave them to take care of it for you.

And there you have it – five great moving day tips for taking the sting out of your next big move. Get in touch with us, Gold Standard Relocation, Florida’s leading moving coordinator and let’s get you moving, today!

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