Five Difficult Moves, And How To Prepare For Them

No two moves are ever the same, but some are worse than others.

A lot of it has to do with what items you’re going to be transporting.

Join us, today, as we put five of the biggest offenders under the microscope, and bring you our list of the most difficult items in any move.



This is, by far, one of the most difficult household moves, because fish, plant life and water form part of a delicate ecosystem.

As these organisms live in your aquarium, they build up and create bacteria that helps them handle stresses and various illnesses. They’re also small and have very delicate constitutions and reactions to shock.

If you’re moving your aquarium, the most common solution is to sell off your fish to a collector or store, and hope for the best for them in their new homes. The unfortunate truth is, they are unlikely to survive the move.

If you have to have them, take great care to use containers with enough space, and filled with water drained from the tank. Transport their filters, pumps and other equipment carefully.

Drain the water from your tank with a syphon hose, and make sure to carry the tank as levelly as possible, so as to avoid damaging the sealant. When you arrive, make it your priority to get the fish back into their home as quickly as possible. Let the water rest for about an hour before turning on the heater, and check on your little guys over the next few days.


Not every household item is difficult to move because it’s delicate.

Most of them are difficult because they’re heavy.

Pianos are the quintessential heavy instrument and can be a pain to move. The average baby grand starts at four foot six inches long and can weigh up to 800 lbs. And they only get bigger and heavier from there.

Your best bet, most often, is to hire a piano relocation service to handle the work for you. Pianos require various hoists and pulleys to move, and you might be able to find and master these, but the work is better left to a team with some experience.

Gym Equipment

For years now, the number of homes in the US where gym equipment is used has numbered in the millions.

The weight of just a complete set of barbells, meanwhile, is hundreds of lbs. And that’s before the various racks, benches, bars and pulleys that make up these systems.

With all of this weight disassembled and sliding around inside of boxes, it’s not hard to see why these machines are so unwieldy to move. Pack these tightly, disassemble them as far as possible, wrap all parts extremely well, and secure everything.

Leave nothing up to chance – take the move slowly, and you should be fine.

Hot Tubs

It’s rare to find a self-contained hot tub. These units usually come equipped with accessories and add-ons. These are all necessary to their function, and, also, all quite complicated to move.

Heaters and pumps, plumbing units and electrical components can make transportation complicated. Disconnect anything attached to gas or electricity to make the process safe.

Then clean the entire product thoroughly to avoid contaminating it during the move, and follow this up by draining it entirely. Prop it up on its side and use a large furniture dolly to transport it.

Mirrors (And Other Fragile Items)

Art carries sentimental attachment to the people who buy it (or at least monetary value). The same goes for mirrors, frames, vases and urns.

Whatever the item, it’s important to prep it for the rigors of your move. Wrap these and stack them in a way where, if they fall, there won’t be any sharp corners, jutting edges or long objects poking out in a way that damages them.

You cannot be too paranoid when it comes to the fragile objects during home moves. If it can go wrong, assume that it will, and take steps to protect against that.

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Nobody ever said moving houses would be simple. With so much to pack up and transport, there are bound to be a few household items that make you scratch your head and ask “How am I going to move this?”

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