Five Organizing Tips For An Easy Move

The idea of an easy move can seem a little like a strange dream.

Packing up your entire life and moving house is stressful, almost across the board. And with good reason. Between the packing and the carrying and trying to keep up with which box goes where (and which ones may have gotten lost en route), there’s a lot of pressure.

Join us, today, as we look at five great tips for organizing your next move. With a little planning and our advice, you’ll be well equipped to pack, move and relocate without worrying about where your belongings end up.

Plan Ahead

easy move

This is pretty obvious advice, right?

You’d be surprised how often people leave this to the last minute, best intentions be damned.

For an easy move, remember to start your packing a month in advance. Start small – get some labels made up, start wrapping and packing away your smaller, more ornamental items.

Book your movers. Make sure you have the date and time scheduled and diarized so everyone is on the same page.

Go out and stock up on packing supplies. Plastic wrap, bubble filling and packing peanuts. Think you’ve got enough tape? Why not get another roll, in case you lose the first one. Think you can move a box on your own, even though it’s huge? Look into furniture dolly rentals ahead of the day. You might be surprised at the cost, and thankful, on the day, for the convenience.

Wardrobe Boxes

This is a little professional tip, but wardrobe and garment boxes can be a huge help on moving day. These are vertical, standing boxes with built-in crossbars to hang hangers from, like in a closet.

And the best part? They’re often available to rent from the moving company itself. Simply call your movers and find out how many they have available for the day. Depending on the deposit, and what condition you return them in, they might not end up costing you anything extra at all.

And, with your suitcases and other boxes freed up from clothes, you’ll be shocked to see what else you can fit in them.

Create A Truly Epic Binder

Got a move coming up in the next few weeks?

Go out, right now, and pick up a three-ring binder. Throw in a few A-Z tabs, some Post-Its and a few pens, for good measure.

Now get ready to be more organized than you’ve ever been, before.

Take all of your loose-hanging paperwork from all of the places in your house where they’ve been piling up.  Every business card. All of your user manuals and bills and letters.

Organize it into groups where you know you’ll be able to find it later on. Pack it this way, as far in advance as you can.

With everything packed and organized, you’ll be able to move into your new home and know exactly where everything is, without having to search for it.

For an easy move, you need to become a little obsessive.

Label Everything

Brown boxes tend to look a lot alike.

When packing your boxes ahead of the big move, make sure to label everything as clearly as possible. Categorize boxes according to the rooms their contents are from. Kitchen. Bathroom. Master bedroom.

The better your labelling, the easier it will be for the movers to drop these boxes off in the correct rooms, right from the beginning. This means less lugging things around later on, or transferring them up and down stairs.

Pack What You’re Going To Need First, Last

The key to an easy move is to plan ahead.

In the middle of your moving day, you won’t just stop needing to use your tablets, asthma pumps, earphones and chargers.

Make sure not to pack these items until last, putting them into your boxes on top of your other belongings, where they can be easily reached. You’ll want to know where these items are at a moment’s notice, and with a little forethought, you will.

Packing Tips For Moving

It’s a simple fact of the universe that moves almost never go according to plan.

You need to take steps to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

And the best way to do that is to be as organized as possible.

Got a big relocation coming up? Get in touch with us, today, and discover expert residential and commercial moving services, and do your next move  right.

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