Gold Standard Relocation: Moving Tips For Your Big Day

The big day’s approaching, and you’re on the hunt for moving tips.

You’ll be moving soon. You want to make sure it all goes smoothly.

But, with so much going on, it can be easy to forget to arrange this or secure that before you leave.

Don’t worry – we understand.

That’s why, today, we’ve brought you four of the best moving tips, to help you come out the other side unscathed.

Let’s get started.

Just Because You Aren’t Packing, Don’t Do Nothing

One of the best services any moving company can offer is to handle the actual packing on your behalf. For more than just a simple move, you can let movers into your home and they will pack and sort everything.

Sound like a good opportunity to kick your feet up and relax a while? Maybe not.

Moving Tips: Get Involved

Our first moving checklist item, today, is just to be involved.

The best favor you can do yourself is to get involved, supervise, and have some involvement in your move, no matter how small. With your eye on everything, you’re less likely to feel panicked when you can’t find something, or when something unfortunate goes wrong during the move.

Which brings us, neatly, to our next point…

Check For Moving Damages

Not to add to your stress levels, but there are so many things that can go wrong on moving day, completely by mistake.

The truck can shift your boxes as it turns corners. Boxes shift, and the contents inside of them bend and crack under the new stress.

Movers carrying shelves out of or into apartments can scuff, tear, or damage wallpaper.

Your first responsibility is to check for damages at regular stops along the process. Finally got the whole house boxed up? Great – look for scuff marks from sliding boxes. Loaded everything into the back of the truck? Excellent – check for dents or leaks. Make sure your possessions aren’t trundling along the highway sitting in a puddle from a water bottle you forgot you packed.

Trade and Check Digits

This might sound obvious, but make sure the information you have for your mover is correct before you leave for the move.

If you’re out on the road and something happens to your car, you’ll want to let them know to wait for you. If you arrive at your new home or office, and (god forbid) they aren’t there, you’ll want to call them.

Always make sure you’re as reachable as possible before you leave.

Be A Little Obsessive

Nobody wants to spend their moving day stressed out of their minds.

It pays to be a little intense when it comes to planning, labeling, scheduling and checking up on your moving process.

Create an itemized list of all your belongings, as you’re packing them. Then list the boxes those things are packed in. Run those numbers as you’re loading your possessions and unloading them.

Agree on times for the moving company to arrive, load, and leave, and then make sure they stick to that schedule. You might feel like an army general, but the truth is they’ve definitely experienced worse and might appreciate your organized contributions.

Start Holding Your Moving Companies To Higher Standards

Ultimately, you’re in complete control of how well your moving day goes.

Put in some time, ahead of the day, to get yourself organized, and don’t be afraid to be pushy. These are your possessions – it’s important you make sure they’re being handled properly, and according to your schedule.

Interested in a little more than just a few choice moving tips? Get top-rated residential and commercial moving brokerage from Gold Standard Relocation, and get more from your next move, today.

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