Home Moving Tips: How To Stay Organized
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Home Moving Tips: How To Stay Organized

Staying organized is central to successful home moving. Which, as we all know, is often easier said than done. Getting and staying organized during your move is an essential step, taking you to your new home while minimizing problems along the way.

But the best-laid plans of mice and men, etc. Join us today as we bring you four great tips for staying organized during your next move.

Home Moving: Start Organizing Early

One of the best ways to stay organized during a move is to make sure you have enough time to finish all of your pre-move tasks without rushing. Being able to think things through without having to make any hasty decisions due to wasted time is essential.

As soon as the decision to move has been finalized, the clock starts running down. It’s best to start early – there isn’t any time to put off the inevitable, after all. You will be able to keep your stress levels within healthy limits by completing all the work related to your relocation.

Moving to another home is one of the top three most stressful life events and, for many of us, it’s something we’ll do a few times in our lives. Save yourself the grey hairs of a last-minute rush – it’s never too early to get ready!

Create A Complete Inventory

Knowing exactly what you will be moving is another great way to get organized for a move. Many of us assume that because these are things we already own, there’s no need to keep track of them. These people could not be more wrong.

Before you work on your tasks, make sure to have a proper organization plan in place, for a fool-proof strategy. Throwing all of your possessions into random cardboard boxes just won’t do you any good. Creating an inventory of all your household items should be your top priority during this period.

Go into each room and make a list of the things in there. Divide your possessions into four major categories: Move, Sell, Donate and Throw Away.

Keep Your Moving Paperwork In A Binder

Moving can generate a lot of paperwork, so one of the best strategies for staying organized is to keep all of your moving paperwork in one secure place. The best way is a binder that you can have with you at all times.

It’s important to keep your moving paperwork safe, even after the move is over, just in case anything unexpected happens. These documents include:

  • Moving cost estimates
  • Order of service
  • Bill of lading
  • Home inventory sheets
  • Moving checklists
  • Floor plans
  • List of donations
  • School and medical records
  • Financial documents including all types of receipts

Label Your Boxes Properly

A perfect example of how to get organized for a move is to label your boxes correctly.  It’s easy to lose track of what’s inside with so many cardboard boxes that look alike or even identical unless you properly write the content on each.

People tend to think they will be able to remember what they pack in each box as they are packing, which is a rookie mistake. The home moving process puts people under a lot of stress, making it easier to forget things even with a good memory.

Write down the contents in each box, the room it belongs in, and any special handling instructions. Labeling each box will take a minute or so, but it will save you while you’re unpacking in your new home.

Home moving can be a stressful time in your life so it’s important to stay clear-headed and organized. Avoid procrastinating and be sure to start early, because rushing through can leave items damaged or even lost. Keep your paperwork in one safe place and be sure to label all boxes properly!

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