Minimalism: Time To Declutter Your Move

Minimalism: Time To Declutter Your Move

Minimalism is a word we’ve all encountered, mostly on boards full of beard-wearing, plaid-shirted Portland hipsters talking about artisan beer.

But is it important in your life?

As it turns out, when it comes to moving houses, it kind of really is.

We’ve all been there: the big moving day finally arrives. You’re ready to go, and the pile of boxes you have to move is now taller than your actual house.

How did you get here?

Where did it all go wrong?

Join us, today, as we examine what you need to do to declutter your house ahead of your next big move, and how this is going to save you so much frustration when the day comes.


Understand Why You Hold Onto Items

It might be easy to dismiss your clutter as the byproduct of “just being lazy”, but this is usually just a part of it. One of the biggest steps you can take towards becoming minimalist is to recognize that your belongings have personal meaning to you.

We hold onto items because they represent things to us. If you can understand that, you’ll be able to see more clearly why you hang onto some things and decide on whether or not to knuckle down and get rid of them.

Equate Your Items To Their Time-Spent-Packing Value

A simple but effective method of controlling your clutter is to use one very effective equation: more stuff = more time. Every item demands a bigger time commitment from you, both to keep and just to move.

Look at them and attach numbers to them. If the numbers add up to too much to handle in an average day or even a chaotic day (like, say, your big moving day), then the equation doesn’t balance out. And anything that isn’t worth it should probably just get tossed out or donated.

Forget Guilt And Obligations

We buy and give gifts as a way of being kind to each other. So, if you’ve been given a gift, why waste your time feeling guilty for not liking the gift itself? The person who gave it to you clearly wanted to make you happy, not to weigh you down with guilt.

If you don’t like it, or if you’re just keeping it because you think someone else would want you to, it’s time to find a new home for it that’s not your home.

Learn To Love An Empty Room

You may or may not be aware, but minimalism has been the “in” style for a little while now. Part of the joy of this style is in learning to love empty spaces, in your home, outfit, or workspace. This means fewer decorations, less clutter, and set pieces chosen because they work, not because you’ve got a space you need to fill up.

Avoid Buying New Furniture, “Just Because”

It’s easy, after moving into a new house, to start buying furniture at an irresponsible rate. You see a corner that looks like it could fit a love seat and bam!: you’ve got a new love seat,

But ask yourself, “Why?”

If you don’t need it, why get it, or even keep it?

If you have enough seating, you’ve got enough. Provided you have enough plates and glassware for you and some guests, why get enough to host a banquet? If you won’t need it, don’t work against yourself – cut back, and worry about extras when your lifestyle changes and you clearly need more.

Do Your Next Move Right, With Minimalist Moving

Ultimately, everybody’s different. But we can tell you, without a doubt, that if moving stresses you out, having less to move will feel so good you’ll never look back.

Get rid of your clutter, today, with our expert minimalism techniques, and start getting more out of your move.

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