Adapting To A New Home

Moving out of state is an adventure all on its own, but it is one full of as much excitement as it is an effort. One part of the adventure, however, that is often overlooked is the adaption to the new home. The United States is a combination not just of multiple states, but of multiple climates and elevations. A state to state move can involve you relocating to a vastly different climate that will have various effects on your health. For instance, moving from Colorado to Florida is going to have two major changes on the body. For one Colorado has cold weather that can easily get below freezing whereas Florida rarely even has to worry about ice on anything besides their drinks. Going from a colder climate to a warmer one, you will find yourself sweating faster and quickly running out of breathe while out in the heat.

You might also suffer from the change in elevation. Colorado has mountain ranges while Florida’s highest points tend to be an overpass. Luckily going from higher elevations to lower elevations tends to be easier than the reverse. Someone moving from Florida to Colorado will find their body struggling to adapt to the change in elevation. This is because at higher elevations the air is thinner, meaning there is less oxygen to breathe. While there is plenty to survive, you will find yourself quickly running out of breathing until your body adapts. If you are an athletic person, make sure to pace yourself when running. You won’t be able to run as far or as hard at first.

There are other changes to consider when moving from one state to another. One thing that you need to consider is how much pollen will be in the air. Some states don’t have much pollen while others have clouds of it. Which brings us to the point of allergies. Make sure you’re not moving to an area that is going to bother you more than you are going to enjoy it. One of the states with the worst pollen is Kentucky, along with Tennessee. The general area is heavy with pollen. One of the states considered the best for people with allergies is California.

When you move to a new state, it should be an exciting new adventure. So plan ahead and plan accordingly. Let your body adapt to moving to a new location and a new climate. In time you will grow accustomed to the changes and can go full speed into your new life. Before you get there, though, let Gold Standard Relocation help you get moved into your new home in your new state.

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