Moving Day Life Hacks: Part 2

In recent years, the idea of so-called “life hacks” has become increasingly popular online. 

“Got too many dogs? Check out these awesome dog-walking life hacks!”

“Tired of crying every time you cut onions? Here are five great no-more-tears onion-cutting hacks!”

We’ve even discussed the idea of moving day life hacks, right here on this blog. Because this is information with inherent value, and we understand how much you have to gain from using it.

It’s with this in mind, then, that today we bring you our list of five more great moving hacks for use when your next big moving day. Because if a little is good, more must be better!

Pack Your Essentials Into Your Car

A moving truck can be a complicated space to get into and out of, especially when it’s packed full of stuff. You and half a dozen movers load it up, shut the door, and take to the road.

And when you get there, you’ve completely forgotten where you put your toothbrush. Or your baby’s formula. Or the spare key you need to get in.

Our first tip today takes care of that. Pack one box full of essentials that you keep off of the van. Pack it into your car, instead – that way, you know exactly where your box is, and that nobody’s going to unpack or move it to somewhere mysterious without checking with you.

Make Your Bed On The Truck

This might seem a little extreme, but hear us out.

Pack your bed into the back of the truck before any of your boxes. Then get your sheets, duvets, pillows, and blankets out and make your bed, as if you were at home in your bedroom.

Pack everything on top of and around it, like you normally would, and get going. When you arrive, unload everything as needed and, when you get to your bed, move it in, fully made. Once that’s done, you’ll have somewhere soft and taken care of to take a short nap.

Life hacks
Life hacks: time to make your bed.

Duct Tape Screws Into Furniture

For furniture where you’re removing screws to partially disassemble the items before moving, we’ve got a great hack for keeping everything in order.

Bag up your screws, brackets, hinges, and other small items into ziplock bags, and then duct tape the bags into the inside of your couches, cupboards and other furniture. That way, when you need to reassemble them, there’ll be no guessing where you left those all-important screws.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Half Boxes

Half the battle with a move is knowing which boxes go into which rooms.

A small but useful tip for box management comes in the form of underpacking boxes once you’ve packed everything for a room. Oftentimes, when people get to the end of their bedroom items, and there’s some space left in the box, they’ll go in search of other small items to fill it with. As humans, we tend to look at this as being economical and getting the most space for our money.

Instead, once you’ve half packed a bedroom box and you’ve got no bedroom items left, tape that box shut and move onto the next room. You’ll be glad for one or two light boxes, anyway, and there won’t be any crossover of kitchen or bathroom items moved into bedrooms or vice versa.

A Classic Storage Hack

If you’ve ever wondered whether renting a storage unit would be worth the time and money, there’s a simple way of figuring out. Simply move all of your boxes into your new house and start living out of them from day one.

This may seem like a drag, but after a while you’ll find you’re using specific items more than others. After a month, you’ll most likely have gotten everything you’re going to be using regularly out of its relative box. What’s left is probably more appropriate for storage.

Use this as a way to divide your belongings up and force yourself into storage decisions.

Life Hacks: Let Us Move You

When it comes to moving your home, office, or other living or working space, the more time you can save, the better. Hopefully, with the help of some of today’s awesome moving day life hacks, time is exactly what you’ll be saving more of.

Interested in discovering more great moving advice, or finding professional moving services? Get in touch with us, today, and get to where you’re going, the right way.

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