Moving: When (And Why) To Hire A Professional

Got a big move coming up, and wondering if it’s even worth it to hire a professional?

If you have to ask, it almost always is. Professional moving services help speed up moves, create an efficient environment, and take the workload off of you.

Join us, today, as we discuss three great reasons to hire a professional moving service.

hire a professional

Hefty Moves

The simple answer to this question is: if you’ve got a move coming up and you know your furniture is too heavy, hire a professional.

We tend to get tied up in our own pride when it comes to moving house. “Oh, yeah, I sit on this couch every day, how heavy can it be?” The truth is, a lot of stuff in an average house could throw out your back if handled wrong. Or break your baby toe if you dropped it on your foot. Or just leave you exhausted and sweaty.

You catch our drift. If it could be too much work to do on your own, it probably will be.


If you’ve got a big renovation or paint job coming up, something you may not have considered where you’ll actually put all of your furniture. Sure, maybe you can cover up some of the less important stuff with cling film and trash bags on the day your paint crew rolls through your home, but what if someone spills some?

Find a location to store your furniture and cut out the middleman. With a crew of professionals to help you out, you could have your rooms cleared out on the day, and all your furniture back the very next day.

This works as well for redesigns and renovations, each of which can be a messy nightmare of woodchips, dust bunnies, varnish and dust particles. Best, in each of these cases, to have your furniture as far away as possible. And where there’s furniture to be moved, there’s always a chance to benefit from the services of a professional.

Storage Moves

Our last point is common enough that thousands of people do it every day, but many never consider that they might need this service until they’re right in the thick of it.

We’re talking about storage moves, of course. Putting your couch, dresser, or desk into storage is a sound move if your house is getting too full. But moving the items themselves can be tricky, especially when these items are almost always put into storage because they’re large, clunky, and difficult to move around your house.

Hire a professional to help you move your belongings somewhere more convenient without straining yourself.

For more on moving services, contact us or check out another one of our fantastic blog pieces, today!

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