Top Five Worst Rookie Moving Mistakes

Unless you’re a very specific kind of person, you probably don’t love the process of moving houses. There are a lot of things to keep track of, in addition to hauling, securing, packing and unpacking boxes of different weights. With so much happening all at once, it’s no big surprise when people misstep during a move. That said, some moving mistakes are worse than others. Join us, today, as we take a look at the five worst rookie mistakes you could make in your next move, and how you can move the right way.

Last Minute Rushes: This might sound obvious, but if you’re still packing boxes on the morning you’re supposed to be moving, you’ve missed a step at some point. Pack a few weeks in advance. Get your keys with a few days to spare. And, as a side note, try to coordinate with your cable and Internet providers to have their people come in on the same day as your movers. There’s no reason to leave it for later. Your moving day is going to be chaotic anyway, so let them in so you don’t get left with a house full of furniture and no connections.

Not Jettisoning Your Junk: This is a touchy subject for many people, so we’re just going to say it plainly: moving house is a great opportunity to ditch some unnecessary stuff. Many people will look at a house full of things, and start worrying about how they’ll fit everything into boxes. What you should be thinking of, instead, is when last you used that toaster. Or if you really need two copies of War and Peace. If you have objects that aren’t legitimately sentimental to you, and you haven’t used them in two years, you objectively don’t need them anymore. And while you could pack them, move them, unpack them, and find a new place for them on the other side, right now might be the best time to unclutter your life, somewhat.

Hiring Shifty Movers: When it comes to moving mistakes, the worst thing you could do is to hire someone who’s going to overcharge you, damage your property, or not show up on the day. And, while it is their fault for letting you down, you really should do your homework. Anybody could go out and accidentally find the worst home mover out there, and it would be the mover’s fault for not doing their job. The truth is a cursory look through some reviews, a short phone call, or an email could bring up dozens of potential warning signs that they weren’t on the up and up. Research your mover, no matter how sure of a thing they seem. It might seem unnecessary, and can certainly feel like a chore, but you’ll be happy you put in the work when you find out your mover is less than trustworthy.

Thinking You’re Doing It Right (By Doing It Yourself): Pride cometh before a fall, and there is nothing more proud than someone with a U-Haul truck who decides to move their whole house alone. We implore you, if you’re considering this, give it some more thought.There’s the lifting, sure, but there’s also the packing, securing, and offloading of all your boxes. Professional moving companies offer moving insurance. Part of the attraction to that is knowing they’ll be doing everything they can to protect your valuables. And their services are even more important when moving across state lines. Consider the amount of gas and parking expenses you could build up over a solo trip. Backing a massive truck up into a mall parking space, worrying constantly that you didn’t shut the door or lash that last box down properly. With a professional moving service, you’re hiring someone who’s literally made it their job to take that pressure off of you.

Forgetting The Survival Bag: Our last point is a short one, but important nonetheless. If you’ve packed literally everything you own onto the back of a truck to your new home, you’re setting yourself up for problems. If the truck arrives late, it’ll just be you, in a new city or state, sitting in an empty house. No toothbrush, cell phone charger, or snack item for your dog. It might sound silly, but pack a survival bag for when you arrive on the other side. You’ll be happy you did when worse comes to worst.

Moving Mistakes: Be Prepared: Ultimately, avoiding mistakes during a move comes down to preparation. The more you can do before the big day to safeguard yourself, the better your move is likely to go. Interested in learning more about interstate moving services, and how to move your life from here to there? Get in touch with us, today, or check out some of our professional moving services, and start moving the smart way.

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