Best Way to Move Clothing

What kind of closet do you have? Some people have a normal sized closet that is half filled with some shirts and jeans or while some have a walk-in closet that is somehow not large enough to fit every article of clothing they own. Are there any fancy suits in there that you had dry cleaned and freshly pressed? Regardless of what is in your closet, you are going to have to find a way to pack it all up when it comes time to move. Unlike other things in your home, you can’t just toss them into boxes and send them downstairs to the moving truck. You would be surprised how quickly boxes can fill up when you don’t pack clothes properly. When moving state to state you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. 

There are a few simple options that you can use that all have their fair share of ups and downs. We’ll break down the options and let you see what is the best option for you.

Wardrobe Boxes: There are special boxes designed for carrying clothing with the hanger. They are tall boxes that have a pole going across them for the hangers. These are a great and easy way to pack clothing and are equally easy to unpack. The problem is that they don’t always hold that many clothes so if you have a large closest, you might find wardrobe boxes taking up a lot of space on a truck. Even if you go another route, it’s not a bad idea to get at least one wardrobe box for your more fancy clothing such as business suits, wedding dresses, etc and so on.

Fold and Stack: Clothes are interesting in that they can take up all kinds of space when they are bundled up or barely any room when they are folded neatly. When clothes are folded properly, you can put a lot of them into one large box. The only issue is that you have to take the time to fold all of them and stack them up, then take them out and unfold them again. But for the easier move and the space you save, the extra time can be worth it.

Move The Whole Dresser: Some people use dressers for a variety of clothing storage uses. Some use it for just underwear and socks while some will put shirts, jeans, etc in it as well. If the dresser is not too heavy with the clothing in the drawers, you might wrap up the dresser to keep the drawers from sliding out and take the whole dresser as is. Then unpacking as is simple as placing it against the wall and unwrapping it.

Luggage: We use luggage to take clothes with us on vacation, so why not to help us move as well? Luggage is easy to move, can fit in a moving truck or your basic vehicle, and when you arrive at your new home it is easy to find your clothing. It may take a few days to get your home set up, and you are going to want your clothes to be one of the first things you have set up. Otherwise, you might be meeting your new neighbors in the nude, and there are very few communities where that is allowed.

Luckily, any path you take can be made a little easier when you have movers to help load and unload the final product. Contact Gold Standard Relocation and let us set you up with a quote to get the big move started. We can help make your move from state to state easier, rather it’s moving state to state or just the next state over. Click here and request your quote now.