Moving timeline: Plan Your Move Precisely

Moving timeline: Plan Your Move Precisely

Moving takes months of planning and then weeks of fixing what you forgot to plan for. To help ease some of that stress, here’s a checklist of what you should be doing over the course of the next eight weeks building up to your move. without further ado lets jump into the moving timeline.

It’s official! The old place is sold. The new place is secured and you are ready to move!

8 weeks out

Start a file of all move-related documents: contracts, contacts, etc.

7 weeks out

Find referrals for covered doctors and dentists in your new town. Get copies of medical records and prepare your kids’ school records to be transferred.

6 weeks out

Should it stay or should it go? Clear out what you don’t need because it will slow you down when you start packing. Time for garage sales and donation trips.

5 weeks out

Cut all unnecessary shopping. You don’t want to buy food in bulk like you normally might – it’s likely to be trashed within a month.

4 weeks out

Get all the supplies you need: boxes, tape, bags, etc. Reserve truck rentals. If you’re using a mover, color code the boxes.

3 weeks out

Schedule utilities to be canceled a couple days after you move out. Plan ahead to have them ready upon arrival at your new place, including an appointment with the cable/internet provider.

2 weeks out

Plan meals around the food that’s left in your fridge. Make sure you’re relocating and addressing any financial adjustments you need to make.

1 week out

The part you’ve been dreading: its time to pack! Be sure to mark what needs to be unpacked first and set these items aside.

Do a run-through of the entire house for all the little things you almost forgot. Live out of a suitcase for the duration of the move. It may seem like a hassle at the time, but it will make the packing and unpacking parts much easier.

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