Four Fantastic Office Moving Tips

On the Gold Standard Relocation blog, we write a lot of blogs about how to move your house more effectively. Why you should let professionals pack your house up instead of doing it yourself. Labeling boxes so you know where to put them in your house. But what about office moving tips?

In the grander scheme of things, businesses across America move premises almost as often as most families. And when they do, they’ve got to find movers, just like anybody else.

Join us, today, as we discuss four professional office moving tips to make changing your place of business easier.

office moving tips

Start Six Months Early

This is more of a tip for finding a new property to work from than moving more easily, but it’s so important you can just call it a freebie from us.

Start searching office leases at least six months out from when you want to move in. Unlike houses and apartments, office properties can actually be quite difficult to get set up properly in a short time. Everything from installing the Internet and phone lines to moving in furniture can take weeks and months to carry out.

You’d be surprised how many hold ups moving into an office can bring. Look for leases six months ahead of the big day, and get your moving, installations and renovations out of the way early.

Figure Out What You Want To Keep

Much like when you move houses, a relocation is a great chance to clear out some of the clutter of your old life. Look into new furniture and all the other trappings you’ll need to make your new space your own, but also consider cutting down.

Throw out items that don’t match your new space or decor. Sure, you could try to find ways to incorporate them, or you could leave the space open and minimalize your new look. Remember, space is a resource in your new location – the more you have of it, the greater your potential is. Fill up spaces with items and furniture that make sense, and don’t rush to do too much.

Get Moving Estimates Early  

Every move is unique and it’s hard to say that one way of doing it is better than another, when a move could be good or bad depending on the context.

But we can safely say that if you’re waiting until the last minute to get estimates for your move, you’re making a mistake. This is your business. You need to make sure you’re bringing in a licensed professional with a ton of great reviews and years of experience to their name. There are a lot of extra logistics to consider when it comes to business over residential moves.

Try to get estimates at least two months ahead of the move date. Meet with your prospective mover to see what they expect, time and payment-wise. Never assume it’s “just going to be a simple move” – make someone tell you how simple it’s actually going to be.

Make A Checklist

In moving as in life, a good checklist can save your life.

  • Check utilities companies, service providers, and moving companies for availability.
  • Arrange with these companies ahead of time, and be ready to wait on hold for best results.
  • Create a timeline for your renovation work. If you have firm dates by which each step needs to be done, you’ll know when you fall behind.
  • Reserve elevators and building access with the property manager.

Office Moving Tips

Ultimately, any move you plan for is going to go better than a move you leave for the day to figure out. If you do your research, call your movers and building manager, and keep a level head, you’ll be able to move your business, no sweat.

Interested in more great office moving tips? Just looking for someone to move your office? Check out our other great blog pieces, or get in touch with us today, and move your home, office, school, or other space the right way,

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