When Do I Start Packing

The choice is made and you are convinced, it’s time for a change of scenery. You have decided that it is time to move to a new state and in the excitement, you are already planning everything out. Where, in this plan of yours, should you start packing. You think you should wait until it’s closer to the move date to pack so you don’t live out of boxes. Then again, maybe you should pack sooner, so it’s all done and you can work on other aspects of moving. Better yet, you will just go online and see what other people say about when to start. That is likely why you are here now actually. So when should you start packing for your out of state move?

   The answer is to pack as soon as possible. The earlier the better because one thing we can tell you, it is extremely rare to be packed and ready on time when you try to plan it out. “I can pack this all in a day” will quickly turn into three days, even if you are organized while doing it. The worst part is that the hardest thing to rush and get done by a deadline is packing. The paperwork you can sit down and go through, things like utilities can be done quickly on the phone, packing times a lot of time and effort. The problem is compounded by the fact you either have to take time to be organized or suffer the consequences of tossing things into random boxes when it comes time to unpack and move them around.

   The best bet is to pack most of your things early on. You can wait to pack some of the essential things you need such as cookware, some of your clothes, things you are going to need to survive until you are fully moved out. That works on two levels because you get to survive until the time to move, and can pack them so they are front and center when you unpack and need them in your new home.

   Luckily the packing is the only part you really have to worry about when it comes to the boxes and furniture. When you work with Gold Standard Relocation for your out of state move, we help make sure your items get where they need to be for a price that fits your budget.

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