Out With The Old, Into The New

Even the most organized of homes have things on the shelf with the sole purpose of sitting on shelves collecting dust. Go into your closet and we are sure there are quite a few outfits you haven’t worn in a while either. As we go through life things just kinda tend to pile up. We see things that we think we are going to want forever that end up in a box in the attic or left forgotten on a shelf in the spare bedroom. Not only are these impulse purchases and random buys taking up space in your home, they are going to be taking up space in your moving boxes. There really is no point in taking something you never use to a new home so you can never use it there either. Especially when you are planning to move out of state, you want to travel as light as possible.

   Besides, there are plenty of things you can do with all that old junk to get it out of your way and maybe earn a few bucks. Moving does cost money, so it not only helps to keep costs down but also to make money out of it as well. Unless you are a truly dedicated hoarder, you most likely make the full moving cost from it, but it’s not out of the question to make a couple of hundred dollars off that old junk lying around you don’t want to pack up.

   Yard Sale: The most obvious option is to hold a yard sale. Set up some signs, put an ad in the paper, and turn your driveway into a thrift store. Get a little extra attention and invite your neighbors to join you. It’s not uncommon to see a large portion of a street holding a yard sale on the same day to attract more customers.

   Facebook Marketplace: We call it old junk, but really some of it is actually pretty valuable. Maybe you started a hobby in photography that you decided wasn’t for you. Instead of putting that nice camera in a yard sale put it on Facebook. Facebook has, for the most part, replaced Craigslist for selling locally.

   Selling Apps: Along with Facebook, there are some other apps that you can use for selling your old stuff. The two major competitors in the app store are LetGo and OfferUp. It is hard to say which is better, so choosing one comes down to preference.

   Donate It: Put some of those old clothes and appliances in the car and drop them off at a local Goodwill. You won’t get any money for them, but you can claim them on your taxes and you get some good karma to take with you. You can also donate it to other local thrift stores, churches, and homeless shelters.

   Dump It: It’s time to face facts, that “modern art” lamp you bought at the flea market is hideous and no one is going to buy it from you. The same goes for that old band t-shirt you wore in high school that has holes in it. Sometimes we just have to take some of these old things to the dumpster.

   Moving from one state to another is an adventure, and you want it to be more of an adventure than a burden. Spending hours packing and unpacking things you don’t want, don’t need or know you will never use definitely falls under the burden area. Make this move easier by letting go of some of those things. To make that out of state move even easier, contact Gold Standard Relocation Company and let us set you up with an estimate for your move from state to state.

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