Relocation Tips: The Four D’s Of Saving Money On Your Move

Relocation, whether you’re moving houses or business locations is never simple, and saving money can seem like an uphill battle.

There’s the boxes, the packing supplies, the moving company, and the date. Whether you’re paying to have someone pack your stuff, or paying for boxes so you can do it yourself, it can be hard not to run into money during a move.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at what we like to call the Four D’s of Moving Day, and how these can help to save you money.

Relocation Tips

Ditch What You Don’t Need

This is every pack rat’s worst nightmare, but the truth is, if you can ditch it, it’ll save you money.

Go through your belongings in advance of the big day. Give yourself more time than you’ll need so that if you hit a particularly emotional nick nack or bauble, you can take your time and really wrestle with your decision.

Whatever process you have to go through, the point is to make decisions and to make them quickly. Not sure if you need that old jigsaw puzzle box? That’s probably a sign you don’t. Got two copies of a book? Give one to a friend and be rid of it.

It might sound heartless, but it’s a simple numbers game. The less you have to move, the more you’ll save.

Don’t Be Afraid To Recycle

There are two kinds of home mover: those who use new boxes, and those who use old ones.

Only, things don’t need to be as black and white as all that.

In advance of your big day, put out some feelers to see who in your social circle can supply you with old, sturdy boxes. The more the better, provided they fit your purposes. Take a little time to inspect these boxes when you collect them, to make sure they’ll stand up to the task.

Then, whatever boxes you need in addition to those, simply go out and buy from your local moving company or post office. With a good combination of old and new boxes, you can save money and move your belongings, safely, and at a great saving.

Do A Little Research

A great way to save a little money on moving day is to spend some time in the weeks and months before it, calling and researching moving companies online.

With Google and the deluge of review sites available, finding out about your moving company ahead of time is easier than ever before. Make these your first stop. Compare reviews from recent months and years for any warning signs. Remember that not every awful review is the end of the world. If you find more bad than good, this can be a bad sign, but check to see how long ago these were, and whether any of them were from the same reviewers.

Compare prices to see which relocation rates are better, and which companies offer coupons or specials. Use the information available to you to decide whether the special is being offered by a reputable business, and make your call based on this.

Reviews, while not set in stone, should always trump fast and easy savings.

Decide In Advance

Nothing gets people into hot water more often than indecisiveness.

The further in advance, you can make a decision, the better your odds will be of getting a good price. Like booking an airline ticket, the closer to the date you settle your relocation, the worse the rates you’re likely to get.

Not only that, but the inherent costs that go along with last-minute relocation decisions can add up. Discovering on the day that you don’t have a soft mat to rest your bureau drawers on in the van can mean stress and added expenses as you rush around. The same goes for new keys or spare boxes in case of emergencies.

Get More Out Of Your Next Move

Whatever the case, if you make your calls in the weeks and months preceding your move and not the day before, you’re more likely to save a few bucks, and a lot of stress.

If you’re looking for ways to take the financial sting out of your next big move, make sure to follow our simple Four D system, and check out some of our other great blogs for more insightful moving day content.

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