The Perfect Superhero Moving Team

The Perfect Superhero Moving Team

With the recent success of movies like Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, today we thought it would be fun to bring you our top picks for a superhero moving team.


Because, when it comes to moving your personal belongings, you need more than just a great moving company. You need a supergroup that knows what they’re doing and is going to get the job done.


So join us, today, and get ready to meet your superhero moving team: the Relocators.

superhero moving team
Looking for a superhero moving team to help you move? It makes more sense than you might think.

Five Superheroes You Want Moving Your House


Alright, before we start off this list, a few ground rules.


All members of the team have to fulfill the basic requirements of any moving team, without exception. They have to be able to fit inside of a moving van, without being so heavy the car doesn’t grind against the ground as you drive. They have to seem like they’d like to receive pizza in part for their payment. And they have to seem like they’d actually want to help you move.


These are all important factors. And with that in mind, let’s introduce you to your moving team:


Mr. Fantastic


Reed Richards is a scientist, space explorer, inventor, genius and your best friend when it comes to moving house. This is owing to his ability to stretch his limbs to incredible lengths. His ability to distend his body to a maximum length of 1,500 feet before it becomes painful means he’ll have no trouble whatsoever helping you stack and move boxes safely.


Scarlet Witch


Probability manipulation and reality warping powers might seem wasted on a simple house moving job, but you’d be surprised how handy Scarlet Witch can be with a TV wall unit. Got a couch that won’t fit through a doorway? A wave of her hands, and it’s done. Broke your favorite mug in a dropped box? If Scarlet Witch can rewrite reality to make it so mutants never existed, she can fix a “World’s Best Dad” mug. Awesome!




At this point, we’re going to have to admit a little bias. This list was going to have Spider-Man on it even if we had to force him in there, we just love him that much. That being said, doesn’t the wall-crawler seem like he could web a cardboard box closed from a mile away? Give him a wall to stick to and a box three times his size to move, and watch Queens, New York’s favorite superhero cut your workload in half.


Hank Pym


If we’re being honest, genius scientist and resident “Honey I Shrunk The Kids” guy Hank Pym could easily replace your entire moving crew on his own. With state of the art technology, the original Ant Man’s ability to shrink items of huge sizes down to pocket-sized means you could just throw your living room set in your backpack and hope in the truck.


Rick Jones


Alright, so Rick Jones, the Incredible Hulk’s original sidekick isn’t exactly a superhero in the traditional sense of the word. But think about that: he’s a regular human who, in the course of Marvel’s history, has been a sidekick to Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, both Captain Marvels, and R.O.M. the Spaceknight. In other words, a laundry list of some of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes. Rick, meanwhile has no specific powers of which to speak (yes, barring some of the hand-to-hand combat, hacking, and technology nonsense he got in later years). He’s a regular guy.


Which means he’s dedicated. Whatever he sets his mind to, he’s going to finish.


Rick Jones, more than anybody, will be there, bright and early on moving day to help you. And that’s worth all the stretchy arms, super strength, flight, invisibility and super speed in the world.


And there you have it: the Relocators. The only superhero moving team you need to call. Looking for more articles on moving? Check out some of our other fantastic blog pieces, and get in touch with us today to find out about our services.

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